About Pledge Ghana

PLANNED LIVELIHOODS Pledge Ghana is an acronym for Planned Livelihoods for Economic Development and Global Equity. This is a gender/child-centered, economic/development-oriented, research-base non-profit non-governmental organization formed in Ghana. Pledge Ghana is established to provide a collaborative and coordinated response to build, promote and sustain household livelihoods Pledge Ghana is incorporated under the registrar of companies in Ghana, with Certificate number, CG013522012 and commencement certificate number C0000665142.

Pledge Ghana is recognized to operate as a non-profit NGO with certificate number DSW/5927. Pledge Ghana facilitates safe and supportive livelihoods environments where children and women including rural adolescent mothers (young girls) and vulnerable youth can maximize life’s opportunities, including those of survival and education for development. We provide necessary information and planned livelihood services to families and communities affected by and infected with poverty.

Planned Livelihood is a deliberate and systematic manipulation of the factors influencing ones’ income activities for a desired outcome. Using the sustainable livelihoods approach (SLA), Pledge Ghana draws on the main factors that affect people's livelihoods and the relationships between these factors. These inform the planning of our development activities and in assessing the contributions to sustaining livelihoods. We work within frameworks that help in understanding the complexities of poverty, and set principles that guide interventions for overcoming poverty.

Capability Statement

The lead actors within Pledge Ghana have rich experience from years of work as extension service/field workers in the cocoa, citrus and cashew sectors; business, labor and livelihoods training consultants for both IFC and ILO; quality control supervisory services for small holder farmers’ cooperatives such as Kuapa Kokoo under Fairtrade Certification.

We work based on National and international policy and development frame works, such as GSGDA I & II, NPA, ESMF, MDGs, UNCEDAW and ILO Conventions etc, as guiding frameworks. Pledge Ghana brings together various sector-oriented concepts to address the livelihood issues in a more coordinated and sustainable fashion. This approach harmonizes and draws on best practices and lessons learnt.

Pledge Ghana has a strong and dedicated workforce with the capacity to work and operate anywhere in Ghana. We also believe with shared interest, stronger partnerships and co operation, a basket full of successful outcomes can be guaranteed.


  1. Advocacy, behavior change communication and social mobilization.
  2. Capacity development of partners in the transition process for appropriate transfers of skills, labor assets and opportunities.
  3. Establishing and maintaining safety nets and linkages.
  4. Fostering stronger collaboration, networking and coordination.
  5. Gender mainstreaming to effectively address the deferential impacts.
  6. Participation and inclusion for effective monitoring and evaluation.
  7. Research into and updating of livelihood situations.
  8. Promoting access to decent work opportunities and quality life skills.

Objectives and Principles

  1. Human Rights based approach to programming.
  2. The individual, family and Community as first line of action.
  3. Risks reduction and maximization of opportunities
  4. Non prejudiced non discriminatory
  5. Global market place and equal access

Our Team

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Joe N. Nabin

Director of Programs joenabin73@gmail.com
Team member img

David Z. Atiga

Executive Director atiga2002gh@gmail.com
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Arhin Patrick

Projects Field Officer patricjarhin@gmail.com

Our Ambassadors

No Records of Ambassordors found at the Moment

Organisational Structure

Pledge Ghana is organized for the optimal attainment of its corporate objectives. Thus the ultimate responsibility for policy formulation resides in the General Assembly. Reporting directly to the General Assembly is the Executive Council.

The administration of the organization is grouped under two divisions; the Operations Division and the Finance Division both headed by Directors. Directly under these divisions are four departments; the Projects Department, Public Relations Department, Accounts Department and the IT Department. These departments are all staffed with qualified and competent professional men and women in their respective fields. In all, there are 4 females and 5 males on the staff list of Pledge Ghana. We also enlist the services of consultants in good standing as and when the need arises.

At the base of the structure is a volunteer system that consolidates the agency’s efforts through cash or kind assistance services rendered by benevolent individuals and organizations including community stakeholders.